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Los Angeles Basin Geological Society Student Educational Scholarship

The Los Angeles Basin Geological Society (LABGS) is a non-profit professional society associated with the Pacific Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (PSAAPG). Our members include geologists, hydrogeologists, geochemists and others in private industry and academia in the greater Los Angeles area. Many of our members are employed with academia, the energy industry, and the environmental industry.

In the last couple of years, LABGS has established a scholarship program in conjunction with the PSAAPG Educational Foundation. This scholarship program is to assist undergraduate and graduate students in the geological and earth sciences within our regional area with their educational needs.

This year, our scholarship program plans to award up to 10 scholarships ranging in amounts from $250 to $1000. The awards will be based on merit and need and awarded to selected undergraduate and graduate students that meet our eligibility requirements. The awarded money must be used to advance the student’s education in geology and the related earth sciences. It may be used for tuition at a 4-year degree-granting (BS, BA, or graduate) California college or university. Scholarship funds may also be used for tuition at Summer Geology field camp, text books, and related supplies required for all students for their particular course or degree work. In order for the scholarships to be tax-free IRS rules state the funds cannot be used directly for travel, room and board, research, equipment not required of all students in any particular course or degree program, to pay clerical help, or student loan payments.



• Current student in good standing in the California public college system in LABGS sphere of influence ie. CSU-LB, LA, SD; UCLA, UCI etc. The sphere of influence of LABGS is Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and San Diego County.

• Student enrolled in a 4-year program leading to a BA or BS degree or in a Graduate program leading to a MS or Ph.D. degree with a student AAPG chapter or in the process of establishing a student AAPG chapter.

Student must have a B average or above in the geological sciences or similar.


Applications are Due to LABGS by March 27,2017

• Applications must be filed via the internet to ktkr2@aol.com

• An official or unofficial transcript must either accompany the application or be received by LABGS – scholarship chair, before April 5th. Transcripts may be e-mailed to ktkr2@aol.com ; or ‘snail’ mailed to:

Karla Tucker

KTRC2 Inc.

18763 Fairfax Lane

Huntington Beach, CA. 92648  


Application may be downloaded by clicking here



Award for Excellence in the Teaching

of Natural Resources in the Earth Sciences

This award is intended to recognize and encourage excellence in teaching earth science at the K-12 level. It consists of a $250 cash gift (for the teacher's discretionary use), and is given to an outstanding K-12 earth science teacher in the LABGS area (LA, OC, & San Diego Counties). Funding for this award comes from the Pacific Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, our parent organization.

This is an annual monetary award that is presented to the Kindergarten through 12th Grade Teacher who best employs and furthers the knowledge of the earth sciences to students, or who has designed a curriculum that emphasizes the teaching of geology or related natural science subjects.

Teachers in the Elementary, Middle School (Junior High), or High School level may nominate themselves or be recommended by a colleague or LABGS member. The requirements are listed here:

1) A minimum of three full years of full-time teaching experience at any level K-12.

2) Teaching at least one unit per year on natural resources. Natural resources are defined as Earth materials used by civilizations past and present, such as:

a) Inorganic substances found in the Earth; water, mineral ores, building stone, aggregate, rocks and sediments.

b) Organic materials such as oil, gas, coal, and soil

3) Teaching should include scientific study of these resources, their origin, discovery, extraction, and historical and present uses. It should also include the preservation of the environment, reclamation and the conservation of resources.

4) Entries must include a statement of the teacher’s philosophy of the teaching of natural resources, a description of the unit with outline, Vita, and two letters of recommendation: one from a colleague and one from an administrator.

5) The unit will be evaluated on depth and breadth of concepts (resource origin, discovery, processing, usage, and reclamation), creativity of presentation, and balanced treatment of information regarding societal needs and environmental issues.

For additional information please contact Karla Tucker at:  ktkr2@aol.com


Application deadline is April 24, 2017


Click for Application



The LABGS believes in the importance of a good earth science education. In order to meet the needs of our society and the demands of our environment, we think everyone should have an understanding of how earth systems interact. To encourage earth science education, The LABGS established its first annual K-12 Earth Science Teacher of the Year Award in 1999.

Past Award Winners

1999 - Mrs. Susan Gardiner

6th Grade teacher: Stephen Foster Elementary School, Lakewood, CA

2000 - Ms. Marisela Moreno

7th science teacher: Jefferson Leadership Academies, Long Beach, CA

2001 - Mr. John Jackson

7th Grade science teacher: Monterey Highlands Middle School, Alhambra, CA

2002 - Dr. Donald Lofgren

High school science teacher:  The Webb Schools, Claremont, CA


2003 - Mike Fillipow

High school science teacher:  Polytechnic High School, Long Beach, CA


2004 - No Recipient


2005 – Jim Mears

Community home Education Program, San Diego County, California


2006 - No Award Winner

2007 - No Award Winner

2008 - No Award Winner


2009 – Thomas Hollis


2012 - Wendy VanNorden


2013 – Larry Rodgers


2016 – John Wood